El Safareig del Barri

Barcelona laundromat

“We take care of your clothes, We take care of your time, We take care of your wallet.”

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We take care of your clothes

washing them with a last generation special monocomponent detergent for processes of professional washing, low on perfumes and surfactants, phosphate free, with mosturizing biodegradable substances that could achieve a high stain removal power.

Special formulae with natural origin matter, with a minimal ambiental impact.

Our softener is special because it’s formulated with microcapsules that make the perfume more persistent over time, providing a very smooth and easy way of ironing clothes. Its scent is very nice. It reduces static electricity. It does not color stain fabrics.

At your self-service laundry in Barcelona the water is pretreated to improve washing your clothes.

We take care of your time

to wash and dry your clothes with last generation machines, the duration of the programs is a 30 minutes washing and drying varies from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the amount of clothing and fabric.

In only 45 minutes you do the laundry; washing and drying at our self-service laundromat in Barcelona.

We take care of your wallet

it’s all-inclusive; detergent, softener and stain remover. Just bring your clothes.
Use our services and save money with supplies of water, gas, electricity and maintenance of washing machines and dryers.

Save money with “El Safareig del Barri”

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With the EL SAFAREIG DEL BARRI card you’ll obtain a 10% discount on prices marked on washers and a 5% on the prices of dryers.

You can obtain it at PAYMENT CENTRE.

  • 1. Selet option "Buy Card".
  • 2. Make the payment of 20 €.
  • 3. Retrieve the EL SAFAREIG DEL BARRI card.

The EL SAFAREIG DEL BARRI card is rechargeable and does not expire. It will allow you access to offers and promotions uniquely available with the card.


“It is a singular space with a unique personality that gives shape to a new concept of self-service laundry”

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The laundry has been designed so that customers feel cared for and at the same time surprised to find themselves immersed in a warm home where everyone can wash and dry clothes in a cozy latest design.

The game of the different architectonic and decorative elements makes EL SAFAREIG DEL BARRI have a unique and singular look that differentiates it from other self-service laundromats in Barcelona..

Its modern design trend aims to combine materials and decorative elements of the old “sinks”, places that allowed the conversation and the relationship between people, with the new technologies that allow us to do a laundry and dry it in under an hour.

It is a space that invites you to come and stay there while doing the laundry.

It has security cameras fitted with two-way speakers that allow the customer to be attended at any time.

It also has a call system for any queries that may arise.
With these facilities we aim to make you feel cared for and looked after at all times.
The place has WIFI and music.

“It’s a proximity laundry in Barcelona designed to improve your quality of life”


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It is a space designed to replace ci / or supplement the laundry you have at home.
We provide you with the latest generation of washing machines and dryers with different capacities, from
8 kg to 17 kg.
At EL SAFAREIG DEL BARRI You can wash and dry clothes daily and those pieces that you cannot do at home for lack of capacity of your washing machine as quilts, curtains, stuffed dolls, duvets, sofa covers, bedspreads, etc …

“Self-service laundry with customer care at your disposal”

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Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 you will be attended by our staff with previous appointment.
Our establishment will always be taken care of and given anytime you need our assistance by call through the intercom device at your disposal next to the payment centre.


Self-service Laundry
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Lavandería Autoservicio
Laverie Automatique

Find us
104 Aragó Street
(corner Comte Borrell Street)
08015 Barcelona

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm
Sunday closed
WASHER 2114 S.L.
CIF B66408923
Carrer d'Aragó 104, Local 3
08015 Barcelona
Telf.: +34 934 616 878
Email: 104arago@gmail.com
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